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We have more than 20 years of experience in dealing with hundreds of corporate and private sector entities in industries such as finance, manufacturing, defense, mining, transport, and energy.  This includes investigating them, directing the exercise of administrative remedies, advising them on how to meet integrity standards of international organizations, reviewing their due diligence and integrity risk analysis products in major transactions, and opining on how they can improve their anti-corruption and compliance arsenal with a deliberate and credible intent. 


What We Produce

Benchmark integrity performance against similar entities and global anti-corruption standards that good companies and institutions embrace and implement;

▪ Recommend an implementation plan with turn-around opportunities based on what we think is best for the enterprise, providing in appropriate circumstances a “stamp of approval”, rated against best practices; and

Stress-test the integrity compliance architecture, as if it is subject to the scrutiny of a rigorous justice department, serious fraud office, or financial regulator.

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