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There is a growing demand for governments to root out corruption in their public procurement and regulatory affairs to ensure that scarce funds go to those most in need. Development institutions face a similar pressure by taxpayers and other contributors.  The private sector, increasingly being called-upon to finance infrastructure through public-private partnerships, can benefit from a level-playing field, which will have a knock-on effect in terms of lower risk premiums and the attraction of more qualified firms.  Governments tapping international financial markets will have to factor in the impact of corruption on their credit worthiness.                          


We help to change the narrative


▪ Provide assurance to multilaterals, governments and donors by subjecting high-value and transformational projects to rigorous scrutiny to reduce the risk of corruption at a time where public confidence is critical to the economic upliftment and security of people;

▪ Based on the experience of implementing the Volcker Panel recommendations to improve how the World Bank deals with fraud and corruption, assist international organizations, multilateral banks, and donors by reviewing their anti-corruption policies, strategies and procedures, to help maintain public trust in these institutions’ programs and projects; and

▪ Design an online tutorial entitled “Sound Institutions, Effective Systems, Smart Businesses”, to strive for an

improvement in the practice of integrity risk management.

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