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Growth for many companies means strategic alliances, business consortiums, joint ventures or mergers and acquisitions in emerging markets.  Integrity due diligence is the watchword for new commercial relationships.  Many corporations now require a higher level of assurance by an objective third party on high-risk transactions.  LFMcCarthy Associates, Inc. has the benefit of having dealt with listed and major-indexed companies through an integrity lens.  We have the acumen to serve as a fresh set of eyes on global investigations and integrity due diligence of parties to transactions and to address unexpected integrity concerns which executive boards may have.


We aim to up the degree of confidence


▪ Provide advice on the appropriate scope for integrity due diligence that an entity embarks upon and obtain additional strategic and business perspectives as quality assurance; and


▪ Mitigate risk by appraising the approach within national systems and international financial institutions, to police    facilitation and commission payments, agents and intermediaries.

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