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Based on experience in compliance monitoring, developing anti-corruption strategies and assessing integrity risks in portfolios, we serve as integrity monitors to imbue projects and public funds with the desired controls to maximize the return on investment.

For Corporations

LFMcCarthy Associates, Inc. is an international integrity and risk management services company, based in Washington, DC.  We possess decades of experience and expertise to assist clients in addressing integrity challenges in the private and public sector.

The firm is led by Leonard F. McCarthy, former head of the World Bank’s Integrity Vice Presidency (2008-2017).  He has a 20-year track record as a leader in financial investigations and litigation in multiple jurisdictions and has worked with several organizations to enhance their institutional integrity systems.  Appointed to senior positions in the justice sector by Presidents Mandela and Mbeki, he headed South Africa’s Office for Serious Economic Offences and the Directorate of Special Operations from 2000 to 2008. He has also chaired the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Transparency and Anti-Corruption for the past 3 years.  McCarthy founded the International Corruption Hunters Alliance in 2010, with representatives from 130 countries, and he is regarded as a credible and pragmatic intermediary for public sector institutions and private companies.  At the World Bank, his office provided integrity assurance over a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of loans, grants, equity investments and guarantees.

LFMcCarthy Associates, Inc. understands the challenging financial and political spheres in which companies operate, has a dedicated group of in-house professionals and relies on a global profile with extensive contacts in the compliance field.  It can bring together cross-functional teams and has established relationships with law and accounting firms which stand by to serve the special needs of clients. The firm has an aptitude to navigate complex situations, provides hands-on advice, negotiates from experience, and specializes in acting as an impartial sounding board to senior management. 

During my tenure as World Bank Group President, I appointed Leonard McCarthy as Vice President for Institutional Integrity in June 2008. He had the right combination of prosecutorial experience, leadership, integrity, stature and decency, to advance a multi-dimensional anti-corruption agenda. He led a superb team in several successful investigations and preventive solutions, that had significant financial and public governance impact. His experience at the World Bank has bolstered his credibility to advise governments around the world. Leonard displays strategic acumen in business decisions and is an international leader in integrity management, which will stand him in good stead in the private sector.


Robert B. Zoellick


World Bank President

Chair of International Advisors of Goldman Sachs

U.S. Trade Representative for the U.S. Government

Deputy Secretary of the U.S. State Department


l have known Leonard McCarthy since 2008 in my capacity as Member, then Chairman of the Independent Advisory Board of the World Bank. He led the new direction that the Bank charted in the anticorruption arena and did so with great resilience. Some major innovations that were adopted during the time of my tenure as Chairman included settlement agreements, the creation of an integrity compliance office in the Integrity Vice Presidency and more concerted and thoughtful use of financial payments. Leonard was central to these initiatives. He understands the necessary balance between private sector development, functioning of government and the enabling role of international organizations. He has achieved remarkable success in promoting the Bank's hard-won reputation for institutional governance.

Peter Costello


ECG Financial Pty Ltd

Former Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia



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